Welcome to my website ! 🙂

I am Jan Prunk from Slovenia. I spend most of my time working with Information technologies. I am using Internet since 1993 and I am enthusiastic about everything Internet related, computer software freedom and GNU/Linux. Occasionally I also attend FLOSS related conferences and events. I am interested to hear from you about possibilities for project assignments or employment in the Information Technology or Networking field ( check my IT resume for details ). My other non-IT free time activities include outdoor and concert photography, I like to listen to various genres of music, either from my own collection or from the radio and the Internet. I search for rare music on vinyl records and collect it. I like visiting art galleries and exhibitions ( I have also worked there in the past ). I like eating out and trying new foods and I enjoy spicy Indian vegetarian food. When the weather is nice I do recreational hiking or just travel around Slovenia and neighboring countries when the time and finances fit together.